The Truth About Cosmetic Dentistry

The Numbers

Cosmetic Dentistry is more common than you think. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry  estimates about 2.69 million people have had Cosmetic Dentistry and that number continues to grow.

The Dentists

Cosmetic Dentistry is not considered a specialty by the American Dental Association, so general dentists can be considered a cosmetic dentist. Before choosing a cosmetic dentist, look over the doctor’s before and after photos of patients, ask about their experience in cosmetic dentistry, and always make sure you feel comfortable in the office setting.

The Results

After cosmetic dentistry, you will have a brighter, straighter, more confident smile. This confidence will help you with your relationships, career, social engagements, and more. Reston Heights Dental offers free consultations, so make an appointment today.