You will probably need at least one filling during your lifetime, to repair a cavity or a cracked or broken tooth. If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in any of your teeth, you should get an evaluation to see if you need a filling. At Reston Heights Dental your comfort is our greatest concern, and we will make sure that your fillings go as smoothly as possible.


Cavities are caused by dental decay that damages the tooth. Decay comes from plaque forming on your teeth and dissolving the enamel, leading to holes, or cavities, in the tooth. If you are not brushing your teeth regularly, plaque can build up-another reason for regular dental cleanings. Dr. Madison will check your teeth for cavities, finding any soft spots in the tooth that could have the potential to turn into decay. This decay will be removed and a filling will be installed.

Cracked Teeth

A tooth can crack as a result of an injury, chewing on hard objects or grinding the teeth. If the crack is very slight, you may not even notice it. A larger crack can cause pain, either when biting down, or when eating hot, cold, or sweet foods. If you are experiencing tooth pain for any reason you need to schedule a dental appointment! A cracked tooth can sometimes be repaired with a filling, but other times may need a root canal and crown. Let Dr. Madison evaluate and see what the best treatment plan will be.